Why do we love sweets?

It was Diwali yesterday, the most awaited festival and also a day when we enjoy sweets, without putting a usual check on ourselves.  I have just finished a whole piece of chocolate when I promised myself that I will have only half of it and save the rest for tomorrow.

 Chocolate and Banana Crepe StackYes, I admit that I have a sweet tooth. I usually crave to have something sweet after my meals, even though I understand that it contains refined sugar which is not good for my health. It also works as a comfort food for me. When I am not feeling my usual, ice-cream is just what I need and once I have that, I am back to my happy chirpy self 🙂 I was just wondering that the reasons behind our sweet tooth. Why do we love desserts? How does it boost out mood and we feel happier after having a piece of freshly baked treat or anything that is sweet. That made me do some research and write this post.

A research study shows that sugar affects our brain in the same way as drugs and alcohol. Sugar raises the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of content and happiness. Perhaps, that is a reason why we associate sweets with a sense of comfort.

The research also states that women tend to love sweets more than men. If given a choice, women usually go for desserts, cakes, ice-cream or chocolates while men opt for junk food  like a pizza, pasta or the big fat burger. There is a serotonin connection here as well. Women have lower levels of serotonin as compared to men, which account for their desire to eat sweet, sugary foods as eating desserts tend to make them feel happy.

There is also a co-relation between our taste preference and our temperament. People who like sweets are generally friendly, cooperative and compassionate and are of sweeter disposition.  May be that is the reason why we can’t just stop at eating one 🙂

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