The Circus Cake

Sumitra Gopal, a perfectionist with flair… Sumitra and her husband Nakul, always do the right things, the right way. Now, when it comes to their children, they pull out all stops. Salil and Nalini have the most elaborate birthday celebrations- the two most important occasions of the year, for which preparations start months before.

It all starts with the custom handmade invitations, based on the theme. Sumitra creates and designs these beauties from scratch. With such an eye for details, you can only imagine the attention on the food and games.

How does she do it? Well it starts from a excel sheet which describes every item, with a timeline and the responsible individual. It may seem too much to do, but it makes the run to the big day a tad easier. Sumitra and Nakul are masters in their respective corporate profiles, hence the execution is with perfection. They look at each point will lots of love and make sure that everyone at the party has a blast.

The theme they selected this year, was ‘Circus’, in the bold colours of red and blue. The other ‘star’ of this party was the cake. It had all the marking of a circus- from the red stripes to the red and blue bunting. A merry little clown sat atop the cake.

We decided on a butter-cream cake, since we do like the taste of butter-cream, much much better than fondant. We also have a policy on the limited use of artificial food colours. We don’t think it’s a wise option to have kids ingest a rainbow of artificial food colours.

The Circus Cake

The Circus Cake

The joy on Jerry’s face was evident. After the sweaty play session, the look of wonder was so so cute. He along with his friends went through 2 (even 3!) helpings.

The Circus Theme

Now that put a smile on our faces!!

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