Best wedding cakes styles for 2019

The trend of wedding cake started big time in India sometime in the last decade. The wedding cake is not just another dessert which is served after the main course. It has actually become an integral part of an engagement and the wedding ceremony. Also the couples take pain staking efforts to plan the design of the cake which in a way also symbolises their relationship.

We have worked with innumerable couples in the past few years and have put their ideas to reality. At times, the brides want to match the colour of the cake to their dress or doing a particular jewellery pattern. And weaving their love story on the tiers of the cake, we have done it all.

Wedding cakes were made with fondant primarily because it makes the cake look very pretty. Though it not liked anymore for the reason that fondant is a sugar paste and it makes the cake overly sweet. We have experimented with some different techniques, sometimes using minimal fondant for decorations and the cakes have come out really gorgeous. Finally we would like to say that a cake can look beautiful even without fondant.

If you are looking for your dream wedding cake, check out these trending styles of wedding cakes in 2019.

A Dash of Gold

Not only our cakes are pretty but they are also scrumptious. A gold element on a simple cake give it undoubtedly a royal, edgy and sometimes a feminine look.

White & Gold Wedding CakeThis white and gold cake with was done by us for a reception party. The gold accents on a white base was a eye catcher at the party. We have done a lot of gold drip cakes and our clients have appreciated it.

Gradient & Textures

Lavender Engagement Cake with fresh flowersWhile you search for a cake for your engagement or your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. Many at times, the to-be-brides want to match the colour of the cake with their wedding lehengas. The couples like to incorporate the same colour combination in their cakes. We love experimenting with colours to replicate the same look of their wedding outfit. Stencilling & textures have also given us brilliant results.

Ranjana wanted a lavender coloured cake as she was wearing a lavender dress on her engagement

Naked wedding cake

Naked Wedding CakeThe naked wedding cake trend started with the wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This cake is naked on the sides and the exposed layers of the cake sponge gives it a fresh and rustic appeal. It can be decorated with fruits, chocolate drizzle or just delicately placed fresh flowers. It does look stunning and different.

Brides…. be bold and go naked on your wedding day!

Fresh Flowers Cake

Fresh Pink Roses Wedding Cake with Edible Gold LeafOne of best ways to create a centrepiece of your special occasion is using fresh flowers on a wedding cake. The flowers not only make the cake look gorgeous but is also cost effective. There is a wide variety of fresh flowers which we can use on the cakes from from roses available in different colours, orchids, lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums etc

Customised Name Toppers

3 Tier Peach & Gold Wedding CakeCake toppers are not only beautiful way to personalise your wedding/ engagement cake but is also a keepsake even after the last slice gets over. The choices are unlimited when it comes to toppers. Some clients want to keep it simple with ‘We are Engaged’ or ‘Mr & Mrs’ and some want to keep their names engraved on it. Whatever style you choose, the customised cake toppers make the cake look personalised and it is usually apt for the occasion.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes

Single Tier Rustic Wedding Cake
We understand that you are having a small intimate wedding/engagement. Many at times the guest list is only 25 people and they want a small wedding cake for their special day. Hence we suggest a pretty single tier cake. When it comes to the design options, they are unlimited. Undoubtedly they do look as beautiful as a two or a three tier cake.

If you can dream it, we can bake it for you. Call now at +91 9650857405 to book your dream cake today. We deliver in Delhi & Gurgaon

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