5 reasons why we all love cupcakes

In the recent past, cupcakes are slowly gaining popularity over cakes in India. Cupcakes are small pretty cakes which are just enough for one person. We are listing the top five reasons why they have become everyone’s favourite.

  1. Unlimited choices- New cupcake flavours are innovated every other day. And when it is combined with different frostings, sky is the limit. You can have Vanilla Tea Cupcakes or Earl Grey Cupcakes with French Toast Cupcakes. Or how about boozy cupcakes like Pink Champagne, Mint Mohito or Pina Colada.

    Earl Grey Cupcakes

    Earl Grey Cupcakes

  2. Guilt free indulgence- Yes, cupcakes are small and satisfying. Indulging in it doesn’t make you feel guilty. And the best part is that you don’t have to stick with one and can experiment with many flavours at one go.

  4. Treat yourself any time- They’re not that expensive and even if the money is tight, you can still have it without thinking twice. Red Velvet Cupcakes

  6. Easy to eat- Eating cupcakes is easy. Just unwrap and eat.  You don’t even need a spoon for it.  Simple and unmessy.
    CupcakesImage Source

  8. Ideal frosting sponge ratio- Cakes are filled and frosted with oodles of icing which usually overpowers the taste of the sponge where as the ratio of frosting and sponge is just perfect in cupcakes.

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